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Charlotte Fallon Smith – Director of Fallon Holdings & Consulting

I had the privilege of working with Daniel as my mentor, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. As someone recently diagnosed with ADHD, I have always struggled with holding myself accountable and setting achievable goals. After leaving a company I had helped grow to 8 figures very quickly and starting again from scratch, I found myself facing new difficulties.

He listened to my pain points and vision and worked with me to set realistic goals and implement a plan. Daniel’s approach was different from others I had come across before, he knew what would work for me. He not only understood my experience but also provided invaluable support that was motivational and actionable. His accountability measures and guidance helped me to stay focused and make significant progress in my business.

Daniel’s expertise in consulting proved to be an invaluable resource for me as I ventured into this field. He offered great advice on what needs to be done to begin with consulting, something I had no idea about before.

Lee Haines – Founder of Splashroom Panelling

From my initial consultation, Daniel demonstrated a deep understanding of not only the market but also of my individual strengths and aspirations. His insightful guidance helped me identify and leverage my unique skills, ultimately leading to more targeted planning.

What sets Daniel apart is his ability to create a personalised coaching experience. He took the time to understand my career goals, providing tailored advice and constructive feedback that significantly improved the process. His approach is not only professional but also empathetic, creating a supportive environment that fostered my confidence and self-assurance.

Daniel’s commitment to me extended beyond our scheduled sessions. He went above and beyond to connect me with valuable resources, networking opportunities, and industry insights that proved invaluable in navigating the market.

Valentine Pietri – Founder of Grow & Sustain

Daniel is very knowledgeable about creating a business and he gave me a LOT of tools I can use straight away, saving me hours.

He also shared his personal experience which was very insightful, helping me make decisions. During the 1 to 1 sessions he really focused on my development points and was a very good listener when I shared some of my fears and concerns. As an example, his help with creating my value proposition and pricing has been invaluable and has saved me weeks!

After only 4 weeks of Daniel’s support I trully feel like I am ready to start selling. Thank you so much Daniel!

Mark Cowley – Founder of First4Training NW

I had the pleasure of having Daniel as my mentor, I could tell by the way he structured the programme he really cared for each person and therefore made the time for each of us. Daniel went out of his way to ensure I was always happy with each step as we went along and if there was anything I wasn’t sure of – he made it his goal to correct that no matter how long it took.

Daniel really makes you feel like you’re his only concern, rather than being part of a larger group. He’s a fantastic mentor, he gave me the tools to go onto manage my own business, and gave me the extra fire underneath me to go out and get moving.

I am now running my own business and this is largely thanks to Daniel, without his guidance and knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am now. He even made it a point to keep in contact with me after the training to ensure I always had someone to turn to. 100% I would recommend, great mentor and great guy too.

Hollie Cooper – Founder of Clayful Workshops

Over the course of 12 hours Daniel helped me so much! I’ve adapted different ways of structuring what I do and taken on so many helpful suggestions that have really changed my approach.

As a creative person, it can be tricky to put my ‘business hat’ on and there were quite a few areas I felt I needed assistance with. I feel so much more at ease now, knowing that I can adopt everything that Daniel’s shown me and put things into place.

Daniel really got to know me as a person as well as a client, and visited my studio! The weekly video calls and task lists really kept me motivated 👏🏻

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